🌟SERAPH: In The Darkness Chaos Legacy Test Launch
2023-11-18 00:00

Test Overview

 Warriors of SERAPH, we return with the Chaos Treasures! The Chaos Legacy Test for SERAPH: In The Darkness will commence on November 22, 2023, at 12:00 (UTC + 9) and run for 30 days. The test server will close on December 22, 2023, at 12:00 (UTC + 9), and rewards rankings will be settled.

 This test introduces the official NFT equipment– the Unique NFT series. Players can utilize NFT equipment to earn rare on-chian assets such as Soul Spars. Players can acquire various NFTs and items like Soul Spars in gameplay modes such as Mystery of Chaos and Void Realms, enjoying the thrill of gold-farming and build development.

 NFT Cosmetics are new to this test, with wings, footprints, weapon effects, and many more cool appearances waiting for your DIY combinations.

 The presale for the Genesis Mystery Box, which can yield NFT gear, will start on November 19, 2023, at 15:00 (UTC + 9). The presale website is https://seraph.actpass.com, and purchases can be made via wallets supporting the Arbitrum One chain, like MetaMask. For detailed rules on participating in the presale, refer to the Genesis Mystery Box Presale Details.

 This test uses an invitation mechanism, requiring players to use activation keys to access the game. For information about activation keys, refer to Activation Keys: Methods of Acquisition and Instructions.

 After the test concludes, NFTs opened from the presale mystery boxes, Unique NFTs, and Cosmetic NFTs obtained during this test will be permanently retained. For details on what will be retained or cleared, please see the latter part of this article.

Test User Guide

 This test requires playing through the SERAPH PC client. The client size is 8GB. We will provide the game download link on our official website (https://www.seraph.game) and our official Discord community (https://discord.com/invite/seraphgame/). Please ensure that you download the client from these official sources.

 In-game NFT asset trading is conducted through the ActPass wallet (App). In-game items can be transferred to the ActPass via the Chaotic Warehouse for further actions. We recommend downloading Act Pass early to enjoy the complete gaming experience.

ActPass Download Links:
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.actoz.actpass
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/sg/app/actpass-wallet/id6444599693

Test Content Overview

 Compared to the Beta Test in July, the SERAPH Chaos Legacy version has undergone extensive content updates. In this version, we’ve placed significant emphasis on the construction of a realistic economic model. The Genesis Mystery Boxes and the new NFT equipment produced in-game will be permanently retained, and any enhancements to items will also permanently amplify these NFT items.

Key Updates in This Test

.New Class: Necromancer.
.New Storyline: Acts 6 to 10.
.New Dark Gold NFTs available with a very low probability through presale.
.New Cosmetic System.
.Adorable pets to assist adventurers in item pickup, in-field item breakdown, and portable shops.
.Brand new Mystery of Chaos for higher difficulty challenges and greater rewards and drops.
.All-new Void Realms, offering a more suitable level advancement pace.
.Extensive revamp of Dark Gold items.
.Marketplace optimizations.
.For detailed updates, please follow our version update announcements.

SERAPH Chaos Legacy Test Settlement Rewards

Level Ranking:

 During the SERAPH Chaos Legacy Test, players will be rewarded based on character level rankings.

 At the close of the test, character levels will be ranked in descending order, with ties resolved by experience points (in cases of identical experience, order of achievement will be considered).

 The minimum level for award eligibility is level 30; characters below level 30 will not be ranked.

Trial of Seraph Rankings

 During the SERAPH Chaos Legacy Test, characters that compete in the Trial of Seraph and achieve rankings will receive generous rewards. At the end of the test period, character rankings for the Trial of Seraph will be calculated in descending order, with the leaderboard displayed in-game. The ladder will be divided into five separate rankings for the Barbarian, Sorceress, Valkyrie, Necromancer, and the Multiplayer leaderboard, with each category receiving its own set of rewards.

Important Notes:

1. If multiple characters from a single account make it onto the leaderboard, they are eligible to receive multiple rewards.

2. If a character appears on the multiplayer leaderboard in different teams, only the highest-ranking reward will be counted.

3. Chaos Legacy Honor Points will be distributed more intricately based on ranking, e.g., second place will receive more points than tenth place.

4. Regarding “Chaos Legacy Honor Points” in the rewards, only the highest score from the highest-ranked character under a single account will be recorded once for this test. If a character ranks in both multiplayer and solo leaderboards, only the highest score will be considered. For example, if Player A’s Sorceress is ranked 10th, Valkyrie is ranked 15th, and the Sorceress is ranked 5th in multiplayer, only the Chaos Legacy Honor Points for the 5th place in multiplayer will be counted. We will optimize this rule based on the outcomes of this test.

Reward Details:

 Part of the rewards for this test will be NFT items, which will be airdropped to the corresponding Act Pass account address before the next test (if any) or official launch.

 NFT chests from activity rewards will be available to open during the next game service period.

Chaos Legacy:
 The Chaos Legacy is the most precious reward item in this test, with chances to obtain Bright Gold Quality NFTs, even rarer Dark Gold NFTs, a higher chance to get NFT cultivation materials, and a mysterious grand prize.

Colorful Cosmetic Chest:
 Opening a Colorful Cosmetic Chest offers a chance to receive cosmetic items, including character costume parts, special effects, wings, avatar frames, cards, and more.

Crystal Chest:
 The Crystal Chest can be opened during the next game service/test period to obtain a certain number of Soul Spars. The exact number will be announced when the game service resumes.

Chaos Legacy Honor Points:
 Points will be an important part of the future SERAPH gaming award system.
In the future, players can earn points through various gameplay activities such as test ranks, official server rank settlements, in-game actions, etc., which will be weighted and added to a player’s total score. The functionality to check points will be introduced in future versions.
The Chaos Legacy Honor Points earned by ranked players in this test mark the initial rollout of the points system and will be factored into the final score with a higher weight.

Chaos Legacy Test Asset Retention and Server Wipe Details

 After the conclusion of the Chaos Legacy Test, all NFT equipment and NFT cosmetic items will be retained. These items will remain tradable on the blockchain, and the existing smart contracts will continue to be in use.

 NFT tools and NFT chest items will be discarded after the test ends.

 Additionally, we will snapshot already minted Chaotic Gear Shards and Soul Boxes owned by users at the end of the test. Players will receive a Crystal Chest airdrop based on the number of these two types of items they hold. Unminted Chaotic Gear Shards and Soul Boxes will not be eligible for the airdrop.

 After the test, in-game character data will be wiped once the servers are shut down. We recommend that you store both minted and unminted NFT items in your Chaotic Backpack towards the end of the test to ensure that you can list or trade these items immediately after server closure.

 Post-test, for minted and unminted gear and cosmetics that are still equipped on characters or stored in backpacks, we will take some time to move them to your Chaotic Backpack. This process is expected to be completed within approximately 7 days after the test ends.

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