TOKEN2049: SERAPH Gallops In Singapore's Blockchain Fiesta
2023-09-11 00:00

Following the Korean Blockchain Week, another grand event is set to take place - TOKEN2049 will kick off in Singapore on September 14th and 15th! TOKEN2049 can be described as the largest blockchain event in Asia, annually gathering a multitude of WEB3 elites, including top projects, developers, and venture capitalists. The event features a marathon-style gathering, hackathons, workshops, where the exchange of ideas will spark innovative possibilities for the future of blockchain. TOKEN2049 has invited over 200 renowned speakers, including Gemini CEO Tyler Winklevoss, Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire, just to name a few, with over 10,000 guests expected to attend!


Of course, SERAPH will not be absent from this grant event. Below, we have compiled information about SERAPH's participation in TOKEN2049's side events.


【Build For Miracle】9/11 09:00~22:00 [GMT+8]

"Build For Miracle" is co-hosted by MetaStone and Blockbeats. The event will span an entire day, inviting all participants to ignite inspiration, drive innovation, and create impact. "Build For Miracle" is not just a mere gathering; it's a concerted effort to create the "Miracle" for the future of blockchain.


【Design, Build and Scale Your Web3 Games】9/12 13:00~17:00 [GMT+8]

Hosted by GasZero, Tencent Cloud, and PolygonLabs, the event brings together the trendy projects in gaming, infrastructure, and community, including Pixelmon, Axie Infinity, Immutable, Taiko, YGG, and more. Together, they will delve into the development of next-generation blockchain games and the impact of Layer2 and Gas Free in Web3 gaming. You’ll see 8 popular Web3 games in the demo session, so just stay tuned for SERAPH's grand appearance!


【GMA-W Labs Web3 Gaming Summer 2023 Singapore】9/12 14:00~18:00 [GMT+8]

An exclusive offline event jointly hosted by Game Mine Alliance (GMA) and WLabs, this invitation-only gathering brings together Web3 gaming project and top-tier VCs, aiming to foster financing opportunities for promising gaming projects. We believe this event will be a chance for SERAPH, so please stay tuned for exciting updates to come!



【Klaytn After Hours: Networking Night @ Token2049】9/13 18:00~23:00 [GMT+8]

The Most Relaxing Networking Party Ever! Indulge in a lavish spread of Southeast Asian cuisine accompanied by rhythmic music, all in a cheerful atmosphere that fosters connections among projects and enhances SERAPH's influence!


【Blockchain Gaming Grand Prix: Accelerating to the Gaming Future】 9/14 18:00~23:30 [GMT+8]

Hosted by aelf, the Layer1 blockchain dedicated to the gaming arena, it's the Kart Racing Grand Prix! aelf will take you on a thrilling journey through the crypto world, where you can compete with friends in high-speed kart racing, vie for fantastic prizes, and share gaming and tech insights with your partners! This will definitely be a great  gaming festival that brings together passion, innovation, and boundless possibilities!


【Web3 GameForge: Grow, Play, Innovate】9/14 14:00~18:00 [GMT+8]

Web3 GameForge, co-hosted by Mirror World and Bas1s Ventures, brings together the cream of the crop in today's Web3 gaming, game founders, as well as Web2 game producers and publishers. It aims to find a future blockchain gaming solution that can achieve mass adoption by harmonizing tradition and innovation approaches.


【GM Singapore】9/15 14:00~18:00 [GMT+8]

GM Singapore, co-hosted by TechFlow, QuestN, and Matrix Partner, invites over 150 Web3 and Web2 marketing experts to participate. It hosts more than 10 exciting panel discussions covering a wide range of topics, including marketing tool sharing, vertical growth strategy analysis, and how apply Web2 industry experience to Web3. SERAPH, focusing on Web2.5 blockchain gaming, will not only share our own marketing experiences but also extract valuable insights to expand project potential.


SERAPH is looking forward to meeting everyone at TOKEN2049! We will be participating in multiple exciting events related to the Web3 gaming, and in the year 2023, as Web3 gaming continues to rise and mature, we will explore the future of blockchain gaming and the possibilities of mass adoption together with supportive partners in the same field. Please stay tuned to our community updates, and let's have a wonderful time together at TOKEN2049!

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