SPP Genesis NFT Mystery Box Whitelist Snapshot Announcement
2023-11-14 00:00

The SERAPH game team will conduct an important snapshot of SPP holders in the coming days. The results of this snapshot will grant eligible SPP holders who have been actively supporting SERAPH the opportunity to purchase a Genesis NFT mystery box from the whitelist. This will allow them to be among the first to acquire these valuable digital assets during the initial sale.

This activity aims to express gratitude to SPP holders for their continuous support of the game and their contributions to its development.

SPP Snapshot Time: November 15th, 15:00 (GMT+9)

Important Notes:

1.All SPP holders will be granted guaranteed WL spots for the Genesis NFT mystery box.
2.SPP holders who store their NFT in external wallets will automatically receive guaranteed WL spots without any additional action.
3.SPP holders who store their NFT in the ActPass wallet must submit their external Arbitrum One (ARB) wallet address to link their guaranteed WL spots eligibility after the SPP snapshot is completed. Submitting addresses from other blockchains may lead to not receiving the whitelist eligibility.
4.In ActPass, the feature to link external wallet addresses for SPP holders will be available on November 15th at 19:00 (GMT+9).
5.The deadline for linking external wallet addresses for SPP holders in ActPass is November 18th at 19:00 (GMT+9). Failing to link an external wallet address by this time will be considered as forfeiting the Genesis NFT mystery box whitelist airdrop.
6.You only need to submit one external wallet address, and we will grant guaranteed WL spots in proportion to your SPP holdings in your ActPass wallet.
Instructions for Switching to the Arbitrum One (ARB) Blockchain:

This guide is based on MetaMask. If you are using a different decentralized wallet, please refer to the built-in guides for your wallet or consult customer support.

Ensure the network is switched to Arbitrum One and submit this address.

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