📢SERAPH is actively involved in KBW2023
2023-09-04 00:00


The 6th Korea Blockchain Week KBW2023: IMPACT is set to open grandly in Seoul, South Korea! Taking place from September 4th to September 10th, this week-long event will feature well-known industry leaders from the blockchain industry delivering speeches. Top-tier project teams, venture capital firms, and media outlets will also attend, including SERAPH, representing the emerging blockchain gaming scene.

Here are the details of SERAPH’s participation in the Korea Blockchain Week:

【Probably Nothing Night in Seoul】2023/9/4 19:00 ~ 2023/9/5 01:00 [GMT+9]

Co-hosted by Block Patch, Token Pocket, Conflux, and Tripara Venture, this exclusive event is by invitation only. Only a hundred guests with invitations can join this high-quality Networking Party.

【Linea Gaming Mixer】2023/9/5 15:00 ~ 19:00 [GMT+9]

Bringing together top Korean Web3 game projects and Linea, a star in zk rollup, this event will focus on discussing the future of Web3 gaming and the widespread use of emerging Rollup technology.

【KBW NETWORKING PARTY-LET’S COOK】2023/9/5 15:00 ~ 18:00 [GMT+9]

Hosted by World Net, this Networking Party will gather GameFi, NFT, and SocialFi top projects, along with renowned media and venture capital representatives. It’s an opportunity to establish deep connections, collaborate, and create future business value in a joyful atmosphere.

【2023 Web3 Gaming Hackathon】2023/9/6 & 9/11 [GMT+9]

SERAPH will participate in the Gaming Hackathon offline competition co-hosted by ABGA, Klaytn, Iskra, and CESS. Ten teams that emerge from the online competition will compete for the championship. The semi-finals will be held on 9/6 in Korea at KBW, and the finals will be hosted on 9/11 at Token2049 in Singapore. Stay tuned to see SERAPH’s triumphant results!

【Beyond Connect: A Seoulful Web3 Night】2023/9/7 19:00 ~ 2023/9/8 01:30 [GMT+9]

Organized by the hot public chain projects SUI and CoinNess, this Web3 party captures Seoul’s vibe. Beginning at night and ending in the early morning, participants can enjoy meaningful discussions about project value and future prospects, fostering networking and cooperation opportunities over drinks.

Through this Korea Blockchain Week, SERAPH will actively participate in various exciting events. The team will showcase game art, gameplay, and explain the in-game economic cycle. This is a platform to demonstrate SERAPH’s potential to more WEB3 users, and we’re excited to create exhilarating opportunities and achievements in this creative and collaborative environment!

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