The master of frost, fire and lightning.
Flame Burst
Continuously releases flames that burn enemies within a radius, dealing fire damage per second.
Turn on Flame Armor, using fire attack type skills will summon fireballs around yourself, each fireball deals fire damage on collision.
Create a wall of frost that lasts for seconds. Enemies touching the wall are slowed for seconds.
Summon a freezing tempest that lasts for seconds. hailstones fall randomly within the area, dealing frost damage and freezing enemies for seconds.
Creates a contracting electric field on a target area, dealing lightning damage to enemies within the area and pulling them together.
Release a bolt of lightning that jumps between up to targets, dealing lightning damage per jump.
Tear apart everyone who opposes you with your unparalleled power and wrath.
Passive - Increases damage dealt when using a two-handed weapon.
Emit a stunning roar that deals physical damage to enemies in the area and stuns them for seconds.
Throw out huge weapons to a designated location and keep them rotating and cutting.
Condense the power of magma on the weapon, smashing the ground in front to deal physical damage.
Quickly rotate self and swing the weapon, dealing physical damage to enemies around and increasing accuracy.
Passive - When dual-wielding two-handed swords, increase damage.
The well-rounded warrior
who has mastered bow and spear.
Sweeps your spear or lance around you, dealing physical damage 2 times to enemies in the area and increasing your accuracy.
Quickly jabs the target 3 times, dealing physical damage to the target and nearby enemies.
Swiftly rolls in one direction.
Releases a decoy of yourself that lasts for seconds and has extra health.
Shoots lots of arrows or crossbows at an area, each dealing weapon attack physical damage to a hit target.
Flameburst Arrow
2021 Q4
• Game Project Initiation
• Gameplay/Function Development
• 50+ Map Scenarios
• 300+ Monsters
• 5 Act Storvline
• ActPass Wallet & NFT Marketplace
2023 Q2 Alpha Test
• Whitepaper Launch / Official Website Launch
• Technical Testing
• Functionality Testing
• In-Game Market
• Wallet Integration
2023 Q3 Beta Test
• Gameplay Testing
• Community Expansion
• Seraph Priority Pass NFT Launch
2023 Q4 Chaos Legacy Test
• Economic Model Testing
• Multilingual Version
• Genesis Unique NFT Presale
• Steam Version
• Mobile Version
• Soul Spar Inscriptions
• PFP NFT Series
• Genesis Season Begins
• Seasonal Updates
• IP Collaboration
• More PvP. GvG Gameplay
• Co-building content with Community
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